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Saving Money by Outsourcing Your IT Support

There are plenty of good reasons to outsource your IT support. One of the best reasons to do so is to save money and here are a few ways it does just that. 


No Training Necessary

When it comes to IT support, you want to make sure that the people protecting your system against threats, from either outside malice or inside incompetence, are adequately trained for the job. Hackers are always on the lookout for new and improved ways to break into your system and your IT support needs to be one step ahead of them.  

Unfortunately, proper training requires money, and depending on the size of your IT team, those expenses can add up quickly. The field of information technology, especially when it comes to cybersecurity, is constantly evolving. Staying on top of current events is the only way to remain effective.  

If you outsource your IT support, you’re not responsible for the technician’s training. These firms already employ highly-trained technicians and that expertise is part of the package. The amount of training and research that goes into quality IT support is going to factor into the cost of bringing in outside help, but it’s still going to be the more affordable solution in the long run. (Navitend) 


No Salary or Onboarding Costs

Bringing in outside help for your IT concerns isn’t going to be cheap, especially not if you want people who actually know what they’re doing. However, in the long run, it will definitely be more affordable than paying an in-house IT department a regular salary. That’s not even considering the initial hiring costs, either, which can be substantial. 

Quality IT support is going to cost money regardless of where it comes from, but outsourced IT support will cost less money, plain and simple. Not only will you not be paying salary or onboarding costs, but you’ll also avoid paying for insurance, bonuses, and any costs associated with the HR department.(Pensar) 


Remote Support

Any time an IT technician has to come to your place of business and work on site, it’s going to cost more money than if they could do it remotely. Rather than having someone sitting in an office, taking up space and wasting company time when there’s nothing that needs addressing, you could outsource IT help from a remote location only when you need it. 

A good IT technician can diagnose and solve problems from their own computer, which makes it easier for them and, in turn, cheaper for you. There’s less time involved, not to mention zero travel costs. Even if you prefer to have someone onsite, you can always scale back the hours of your internal IT department and supplement it with outsourced IT when necessary. This sort of hybrid approach can be a very cost-effective solution. (Executech) 


Quicker Solutions

If you hire an in-house IT department, there’s always going to be the question of how many technicians to have on staff. You don’t want to pay people when they’re not doing anything, so you’ll probably end up with a small department. 

Everyone brings different experiences to the table, and a smaller IT team means less technicians to bounce ideas off of. This means that when your IT people run into a problem that’s new to them, they have to spend the time researching the problem and possible ways to address it. It might be cliche to say that time is money, but it’s generally the truth. The longer your technician takes to solve your problem, the more that it’s going to cost you. 

If you outsource your IT needs, on the other hand, you’re likely to get an entire team. You’re not just contracting an individual, but a firm. Two heads are better than one, but three heads are even better, and so on and so forth. A team of technicians is going to tackle an issue much quicker than a single technician would. (Inteleca) 

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