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3 Questions to Ask an IT Managed Service Provider

3 Questions to Ask an IT Managed Service Provider

Before You Hand Over the Keys to Your IT Kingdom 

Whether you’re just setting up shop or have finally grown weary of battling with technology, selecting an MSP partner is a critical business decision. The right partner can increase efficiency, productivity and profitability—the wrong partner can quickly become a bottomless money pit that drains your time and technology budget.

These three questions will help you avoid the expensive mistake of signing the wrong IT managed service provider.


  1. Does a Live Person Answer Your Phone Calls?

The right technology service provider will ensure you have multiple ways to contact them:

  • 24/7 help desk answered by a real person during business hours
  • An after-hours emergency phone number with a 30-minute to 2-hour response time
  • Contact protocol in the event of a breach or emergency during holidays

Avoid working with companies that emphasize:

  • Email
  • Chat
  • Contact forms

While digital communication can be convenient for low priority hiccups, be sure they have a reliable way for you to get in touch in case of a real emergency.


  1. Do They Have Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance?

People make mistakes—but, if one of your MSP’s technicians makes an error it can cost data loss or massive downtime. A reliable technology service provider should be able to present proof of E&O insurance that provides coverage for any mistake that results in financial loss.

  1. Can They Provide Support for Applications Related to Your Industry?

An MSP that truly specializes in your industry will know how your business operates, provide innovative solutions for challenges inherent in your industry and optimize your workflows to improve your bottom line.

  1. Is Managed Services Their Primary Business?

You need a partner that has a team of technicians and experienced engineers that are dedicated to delivering managed IT services—not a printer or copier company that keeps the lights on with a happy hour menu of technology services.

  1. Are They Truly All-Inclusive?

We’ve all been to an all-inclusive resort only to realize the food and drink you actually want to eat costs extra. Make sure all the service and support you need is included in your plan upfront. Hourly support plans can quickly drain your budget—they eliminate the incentive for the MSP to quickly resolve issues which result in unpredictable hourly service charges.

These questions will help you weed out MSPs that either don’t have the resources to support your business needs or an adequate service model that reduces your IT spending while increasing your productivity and profitability. Doing the legwork before hiring a technology service provider can save you from potentially disastrous partnerships. Contact us to ask us the tough questions—we’re ready for you.

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