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Data backup and recovery is getting an upgrade lead by Qumulo and Commvault software.

1). Compatibility between Qumulo and Commvault

In recent years, data storage company Qumulo has emerged as the frontrunner in simplifying unstructured file data management for major companies and businesses. Their customers range from state-of-the-art research institutions to major film and animation studios. 

On the other side of the US, Commvault offers dynamic and affordable data backup and recovery services helping serve in health and education systems as well as public transportation and security. Commvault’s data protection solutions are highly regarded throughout the IT business. 

Together Qumulo and Commvault administer affordable, dependable, and efficient solutions for data management, recovery, and protection. This integration will allow customers to:

  • Manage file data changes via REST APIs to know in real-time which files within their file data sets have modified.
  • Eliminate slow ‘tree-walks’ to identify file changes, resulting in entire data files being at risk of corruption.

(Odessa American)

In Qumulo’s solution brief about their new partnership with Commvault they go on to explain the benefits of this collaboration which include:

  • Built-in end-to-end encryption 
  • Automation, monitoring, and reporting; no more tedious scripts required for swift backups
  • Recovery of the entire system, application, or granular single file



2). How Commvault revolutionized data recovery and protection in healthcare

Of the plethora of data protection software in the world today, it is Commvault that Qumulo chose to incorporate. “Why Commvault?” one might inquire. Many in the IT business would follow this question with, “Why not Commvault?” 

Customers of Commvault in the healthcare service industry could vouch for that statement. In Red Oak, Iowa, the Montgomery County Memorial Hospital for years had used an older, unreliable data backup software. Being that they are the only emergency care facility within 35 miles they are entrusted with protecting 75 terabytes worth of health records. After struggling with their inadequate system for several years they upgraded to Commvault’s software. Doctors, nurses, and patients all benefited exponentially from this as it now only takes five minutes to check a backup report as opposed to the several days it once took before the change to Commvault. 

(HealthTech Magazine


3). How this new data management, backup, and recovery collaboration can benefit our clients

As more integrations between IT companies occur the more efficient solutions will be provided for clients and customers. Businesses around the country will experience fully reliable software enabling them to reach their full potential and serve diligently.   Our team is trained on the latest and greatest in technology software and we competitively recruit new employees with advanced knowledge of the latest tech and trends.

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